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Anhui Anmoo Trading Co., Ltd唱老. (hereinafter referred to as Anmoo多藍) is mainly engaged in m東短utton products, and the 都會raw materials are mainly from I山頻nner Mongolia. Anmoo has a strict pr外對oduction monitoring 畫還system to ensure the prov離有ision of safe and hygienic produc音跳ts. At the same time, i票姐t pursues the health鄉但 ...
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Latest notice of sial International Food Expo 2022 (Shanghai)
Latest notice of sial Inte紙就rnational Food Expo 雜我2022 (Shanghai)技就
Sial International Foo光劇d Exhibition 2022 was originally sched自就...
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Anhui Anm00 Tra多可ding Co., Ltd.

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Address: 3312, block a, Huabang 費少ICC office building, No. 技遠190 Qianshan Road, n不和ew administrative and Cultural工舞 District, Hefei, Anhui, China

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