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  Anhui Anmoo Trading Co., Ltd. 短身(hereinafter referred to 睡影as Anmoo) is mai慢你nly engaged in mutton prod秒又ucts, and the raw mat章大erials are mainly from Inner Mongolia.&水內nbsp;

  Anmoo has a strict production monit什術oring system to ensure the provis村新ion of safe and 女物hygienic products. At t自日he same time, it pur術文sues the health and high quality of pro湖聽ducts and strictly controls the p飛體rocess of all links o制新f products. Anmoo ensures the sou視黃rce of product su空他pply and provides considerate afte男些r-sales service, which has won the reco公裡gnition of our customer用農s. The company has a問件 mature business system and a stron行女g sales team, an算光d has established marketing channels in站謝 provinces and cities across the裡匠 country, with a goo姐術d reputation. 兵理;

  "Leading the new culture of Chinese 讀窗mutton cuisine" is the consta門現nt vision pursuit of麗技 Anmoo, and "food safety and he空兒alth" is the eternal mission麗就 and responsibility of An店很moo people! Facing the future, A制城nmoo will also co嗎銀ntinue to adhere 村美to innovation and contribute valu銀務e to expanding and 也得strengthening China's Mutton Indu跳放stry and improving the lives of herds快船men and people.

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