About us

  Anhui Anmoo T對空rading Co., Ltd.和服 (hereinafter referre輛了d to as Anmoo) is mai村來nly engaged in mut遠林ton products, and the raw但內 materials are mainly from Inner跳讀 Mongolia. 

  Anmoo has a strict productio為愛n monitoring system to ensure 東嗎the provision of safe and hygienic prod可事ucts. At the same time, it pursues the 麗書health and high 信看quality of products and 分費strictly controls the p大黃rocess of all links of produ門又cts. Anmoo ensures the source of p飛了roduct supply and provides con跳區siderate after-sales ser間又vice, which has won t校是he recognition o影城f our customers. The company has 理筆a mature business system and a strong 窗中sales team, and has established mar紙身keting channels in provinces and c秒見ities across the country, with a good吃城 reputation.&nbs又和p;

  "Leading the new culture of Chines志廠e mutton cuisine" is the睡船 constant vision pursuit of A道舞nmoo, and "food safety and health"白外 is the eternal mission機弟 and responsibility of Anmoo p術很eople! Facing the future, Anmo藍章o will also continue to adhere to innov購鄉ation and contribute value to expan公海ding and strengthening Chin和訊a's Mutton Industry 員空and improving the l外到ives of herdsmen and people.