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Latest notice of si睡問al International Food Expo 2022 (S文船hanghai)

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  Sial International F中場ood Exhibition 2022 was origin睡用ally scheduled to be held from May 聽舊18 to 20, 2022.湖城
  In view of the severe situ去從ation of COVID-19 in China, after full電暗y listening to the 務為opinions and needs of all拍離 parties and careful assessm中購ent, the organizers of s習朋ial International 件樂Food Exhibition decided to pos動慢tpone the sial inter計船national food exhibition to Dec請金ember 7-9, 2022, a長報nd the venue remained uncha睡年nged - Shanghai New Inter如開national Expo Center音謝 (Pudong).
  Protecting your health and safety i了什s always our top 鐵書priority. I wish you healt這些h and safety during the special peri著視od!
  Anhui Anmu Trading Co., Ltd商火. and you will meet長民 at Shanghai New International Expo空通 Center (Pudong) from De藍志cember 7 to 9, 2022!

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