Company Profile


  Anhui Anmoo Trading Co., Ltd. (herein樂用after referred to as Anmoo) is mainly e商生ngaged in mutton兒森 products, and the raw materi但還als are mainly 南家from Inner Mongolia. 裡玩;

  Anmoo has a strict productio為男n monitoring system to 劇公ensure the provision of saf熱吃e and hygienic produc和會ts. At the same time, it purs關問ues the health and high理匠 quality of pro文子ducts and strictly con我分trols the process of all links 匠多of products. Anmoo ensures the sourc熱上e of product supply and provides co城也nsiderate after-sales servic這事e, which has won the recogn舞腦ition of our custom的草ers. The company 裡匠has a mature business system and a st樹爸rong sales team, and has establish醫有ed marketing channels in provinces綠作 and cities across the country, with 睡子a good reputation. 

  "Leading the new culture of Ch筆車inese mutton cuisine" is the co做綠nstant vision pursuit of 風林Anmoo, and "food畫到 safety and health" is the eternal m水信ission and responsibility of Anmoo 身這people! Facing the 見要future, Anmoo will also continue t水短o adhere to innov通通ation and contri商一bute value to expanding and st黑術rengthening China's Mutton Industry林秒 and improving the li物草ves of herdsmen and people.