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Company Profile

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  Anhui Anmoo Trading 章喝Co., Ltd. (here頻短inafter referred to as Anmoo) i的是s mainly engaged in m爸議utton products, and the raw mat玩吃erials are mainly from Inn雪公er Mongolia. 

  Anmoo has a strict production做訊 monitoring syst明那em to ensure the provision of safe an錯呢d hygienic products. At the 票們same time, it pursu湖看es the health and high quality of一站 products and stri筆人ctly controls the process of all 暗從links of products. Anmoo ensures the s她報ource of product 校雨supply and provides considerate after-s子民ales service, which has won樂知 the recognition o資務f our customers. The company妹從 has a mature busin書大ess system and a strong sales tea多日m, and has estab美服lished marketing channel坐風s in provinces and村作 cities across the c銀相ountry, with a good reputat兒湖ion. 

  "Leading the new culture o請作f Chinese mutton cuisine" is th醫裡e constant vision pursuit of A用對nmoo, and "food safety and hea朋男lth" is the eternal mission 金自and responsibility 內裡of Anmoo people!見討 Facing the future, Anmoo wil作話l also continue to adhe見制re to innovation and contribute value但中 to expanding a黃相nd strengthening China's Mutton Ind風呢ustry and improving the lives of 厭外herdsmen and people.

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